On the Shoulders of a Giant

Tomorrow is a bittersweet day as we launch Hem=eez with our grand re-opening.  Bitter, because my thoughts go back to who started the idea for Hem=eez and that he won’t be here to celebrate this day with us.  That person is my brother, Zack.   I still remember the day he called me up, with utter excitement for the concept, the name, and just the opportunity to develop a product that really worked and could help a lot of people.  Zack was full passion, grit, determination, and a heart as big as the moon.  It was that determination that saw Hem-eez through its earliest developments, setbacks, and quite honestly, failures.  Zack passed away over two years ago from a Glioblastoma.  The company which he loved, remains a family business.  And so, it is with a full heart, that I dedicate this very first blog post of Hem-eez to my brother Zack.  Our vision remains what Zack’s vision was: to help people, above all else.   You will notice on our website, a page called Philanthropy.  In Zack’s memory and legacy, Hemeez will donate 10% of the proceeds from your purchase, to others in need, to your choice of one of three amazing organizations.  Some of Zack’s last words were:  “It’s all about family”.  As we join together to heal bodies and souls, through serving others, we truly become family.  And that’s what it’s all about.  Love you, Zack.

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Chavah Bellows